Air Force Sergeants Association

Chapter 1451 - Serving Oregon and SW Washington

Oregon Veteran License Plate...

Applications for the new Oregon Veteran Plates can be found at links below.  The plates are a great way to show representatives how many Oregon military families there are. 



The Oregon plates are, in my opinion, much more attractive then the picture represents.



Washington plates have been around since January 2006 and are also available with the Air Force emblem.



Instructions for Oregon Plates

If you have current plates and are more than 90 days from renewal then the below forms are the same as you will find on DMV.

Form 7307 is for the veteran recognition plate and complete the top section down to signature and select the type of plate under that.

Form 268 needs to have non shaded fields completed as appropriate down to the signatures ending at line 13.  The next section depends on if renewing or not.  If you have current stickers that are not within 90 days of expiring you will select “replace plates” and “Group”.  The agent that helped me at the counter did not select anything that I could see for “Disposition of plates”.  I was told to either destroy them or turn them in to DMV.

You will need a copy of your DD 214 Discharge Papers (Make sure they can see the "DD 214" at the bottom of the page as not all agents are familiar with the form)

They will keep both DMV forms and return the DD 214.  You will be issued a temporary permit (Expires in 6 weeks) to use until the plates arrive in the mail.   The process is fairly quick lasting only about 2 to 3 minutes so any line between you and the agent will take the longest amount of time.

The new plates took two weeks to the day to arrive in the mail and look, in my opinion, much better than the picture.  So much so that my spouse, also a veteran, intends to get a set for her car. Her plates arrived in two weeks and one day.