Air Force Sergeants Association

Chapter 1451 - Serving Oregon and SW Washington

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Salem Meeting Oct 2010

Twenty-two members gathered for a meeting in Salem to meet geographically separated chapter members and discuss chapter business and military news.

Visit to Veterans Home Sep 2010

Chapter members delivered several boxes of donated items for the gift shop at the Veterans home.  Chapter member Carolyn Winslow also donated a telescope and small pool table for the new recreation center breaking ground this month.  Members were very impressed with the home facilities and the reception they received during the scheduled visit.  Members said the home has a fantastic view of the Columbia Gorge.

Chapter Picnic Aug 2010

Members gathered at the home of Don and Louise Schram to share some homemade dishes and camaraderie. The event has seen new participants each year and continues to grow.

Division 14 Convention 2010

Division 14 staff hosted the convention in Tacoma WA this year. We came away with six awards within the Chapter this year including the fourth win for our newsletter.

Chapter Picnic Jul 2009

Another picnic with great weather and more food than we could put away. Something is going right for us, that is two in a row! Could it be because we start earlier :-) If you have a chance for some low-stress socializing than please join us in 2010. Dishes are coordinated prior to the get-together but don't worry if you cannot bring something, there is never a shortage. We will be sure to post the announcement on the home page when it gets near!

Chapter Picnic Aug 2008

Much better than our first picnic. The weather was terrific and the company was wonderful. About the same attendance as the first picnic but we didn't get any new members or visitors this time. Our objectives were still achieved, more food then we could eat and some really interesting stories.

Chapter Picnic Sep 2007

This was our first attempt at a chapter picnic. The weather two months prior to the picnic and three weeks after was terrific. Guess what it was like the one day of the picnic. We had several new members show that day to say hi but very few stayed outside to talk for long. I was surprised more pictures didn't show up blurry with the photographer shaking from the windy damp penetrating cold.